Yoga allows us to check in with ourselves and expand our realm of possibilities. My mission is to inspire and expose diverse communities and age groups to the restorative power of yoga.

“Every day should elevate us a little, broaden our attitudes, reduce our selfishness and makes us better masters over our own body, senses and mind.” – Swami Satchidananda

About Kirsten

IMG_5636My approach to teaching is compassionate while direct and informative. I teach gentle, hatha, vinyasa and restorative yoga and meditation for adults and teenagers. When teaching teens I use adapted breathing and meditation techniques to help cultivate mindfulness.  Yoga for teens focuses on relevant themes such as self-confidence, self-care,  kindness, compassion, anger, forgiveness and the yoga of eating.  I believe that it is necessary to create an atmosphere where students can find their own way through deep listening trust, and embodiment to make the practice their own.  It brings me joy to share the transformative power of yoga with you.