The 1% Rule for Creating All Habits

By James Altucher

One of my favorite ideas, which came from Jame’s Altucher, is the 1% Rule – the idea that every week, or even every day if we aim to get better by just 1% – 1 measly percent! – will see dramatic change over time.  I have been keeping this in mind during my yoga practice, my daily runs and at work. I don’t shoot for the moon every day, but push myself to make small improvements that add up and eventually become noticeable!

In his blog, Altucher writes:

“Every day I wake up and think, how can I be a little better? Just a tiny bit. Because I know it will make me feel good today to practice. And I know it will add up.

  • Can I read a little more?
  • Can I write a little better?
  • Can I walk a little more?
  • Can I improve my emotional relationships a little more?
  • Can I eat a little better?…”

The answer is yes! “Just a tiny bit” eventually goes a long way.